We here at the Jim Young Maintenance Consulting are here to do whatever it takes to help you with your road maintenance issues. We offer a wide variety of difference consulting services including:

  • Training the Staff in Various aspects of Winter Maintenance
  • Training the Staff in how to read weather forecasts for better preparedness for winter storms
  • Salt strategies
  • Trouble shooting
  • Evaluating your winter and summer operations and making cost effective recommendations for the present and the future
  • Testing and running test sites for your new ideas, with a full and honest report
  • Road Inventories for your jurisdiction
  • Planning budgets
  • Road maintenance planning
  • Reviewing building plans for maintenance operations

The most popular product we have for our customer is honesty! The customers appreciate honesty and our ability to train their staff and actually have their staff participate during the training. Some training packages are so dry that you lose the student, ours is right to the point and we can relate to anything that the staff has done because we have done it. The winter maintenance staff appreciate the fact that I have been there and done and can see their side of the discussion.

“I have found working with Jim Young to be most enjoyable. He approached each machine he tested for Viking-Cives without preconceived conclusions and with a real desire to access the worth of the unit. His reports were very thorough, fair and to the point. Whether the grade was a pass or a failure, Jim told it straight up.”

Gerald Simpson
Viking-Cives Ltd.

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