My business started 4 years ago after I retired from the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario, after working for them for over 34 years. I was hired right away as a consultant, by a company in Kansas, to assist their customers in Ontario to evaluate the customers’ winter maintenance procedures and to make recommendations as well as help them understand how the product they had purchased could help them in their procedures. My clients consist of all highway jurisdictions (Provincial, Municipal, Cities, Towns, etc.)

What is unique about me is that I have done every aspect of the job! I started in the field as a wingman on a snowplow and finished my career in the head office with the Ministry. Seems funny that I actually split my 34 years with the ministry by working 17 years in the field as a labour, operator, foreman, patrol supervisor, etc., and finished my last 17 years as an Operation Analyst in the Maintenance office. During my time in Northern Ontario I was also an elected official and the Reeve of a twp., giving me insight also to the needs of a municipality.

My 17 years in the field gave me hands on knowledge of everyday operations some of which were, monitoring and maintaining the road system in that area all year round (winter inspection, plowing, patching, shouldering, ditching, brushing, guiderail, flex beam, just to name a few), this was done in high volume traffic areas and low volume areas. Being responsible for the planning of the yearly budget for the patrol area and meeting that budget the following year. Full yearly inspections of all elements within the highway system (surface of road, culverts, drainage, vegetation, signs, etc.). Working closely with all other areas, local jurisdictions, OPP, MNR, MOE, just to name a few. Hiring contractors and all paperwork needed to look after the patrol area.

My 17 years in head office covered winter maintenance training for the province, writing and managing the provincial salt tender, managing and writing the winter road and weather information system, dust suppressant contract, reduced load restrictions for the province, testing various maintenance materials and maintenance equipment, and organizing the test sites for these projects, this is just to mention a few things of many. I have also been a speaker at the North American Snow Conference over salt use and received a 98% score from the conference on this topic.

The other thing that makes my business more unique is the fact that I will tell a person straight up what I found and will not just agree with someone to get paid. If my client wants an honest answer, they can be sure to get it from me! No I do not have all of the answers, because I do not believe there is a person in the world that knows it all, there are lots of people that pretend they do though, I am not that type of person!

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