If you want a fair and honest experience when having your jurisdictions operations evaluated, you can count on Jim Young Road Maintenance Consulting, in Canada. Jim takes great pride when helping others and treats each situation like it was his own.

By having an independent person look at the way a particular jurisdiction is carrying out their daily operations, there are usually changes that can be seen by the trained eye. These changes whether they be big or small can help a road maintenance crew do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Here at Jim Young Road Maintenance Consulting, Jim specializes in helping you make the necessary changes to deal with the present and the future in mind. Jim does this by using his experience to analyze your daily management and operations and coming up with some educated ideas and recommendations on how to be more cost effective and efficient. Some changes can be just as simple as having Jim train your staff in winter maintenance operation procedures, how to read and understand the weather forecasts, or how to plan for before, during, and after the storm, just to mention a few.

“I have worked with Jim Young for over 2 years, and watched as he has trained various highway professionals in best practices in de-icing and winter maintenance. He has been very effective at sharing his many years of experience in training situations. Jim’s innovative approach to solving problems with the right tools has prompted many agencies to make changes to improve their de-icing programs. I would highly recommend Jim as an honest and knowledgeable road maintenance consultant!”

Jason Bagley,
Business Manager, Specialty Products
Compass Minerals
Overland Park, Kansas, U.S.A.

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